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I currently offer five models of guitars with more to come. Most of the guitars I make are custom and I enjoy collaborating on the guitar. Below is a rough idea of what each model is like but there are a lot of variables such as woods, bracing, bridge, and scale length, that can be changed. Please inquire if you have questions or want additional information.

 To see pictures of these models check out the 'Gallery'. 

The Arkie

Ladder braced parlor guitar. 13" at lower bout and 18.5" body length with a 24" scale length.  A sweet sounding parlor that can pack a punch! The Arkie is small and comfortable to play. This guitar is named after my current homestate, dear old Arkansas. 

Aviva's Special

A big parlor. This is similar to a Martin '0' size with a 13.5" lower bout and 19" body length. It has 12 frets to the body and a 24.9" scale length. An all around great guitar for old-time and country blues.Named after an old parlor guitar I repaired long ago called "Albert's Special," which had beautiful oak back and sides.

Southern Belle

Modeled after a 1917 Martin OOO-44. 12 frets to the body, ladder braced. 15" at lower bout with a 25.5" scale length. The Southern Belle is named after the Kansas City Southern rail line. 



This guitar has a unique, two point shape based on Kay Kraft and Stromberg-Voisenet guitars from the '20s and '30s. It is offered in a small bodied 12 frets to body size or a bigger 14 fret model. It is a flat top guitar with X-bracing. 'Florence' is named for the 'Florentine" shape of the guitar as well as for my great aunt Florence.


The Terz is modeled after a 3/4 size Washburn from the early 1900s. It is similar to a Martin size 5 guitar. This petite ladder-braced guitar can be tuned regular or tuned up a third and has a 22" scale length. The lower bout is 11" wide  and the upper bout is 8". 

Prairie Queen


The Prairie Queen is a curvy model similar to a late 1920s Gibson L-1. It  has a short, wide body and is X-braced. The lower bout is 13 3/4" wide and the upper bout is 10 1/16". It has a 24" scale length.

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